Electrical Spares Components

With the pressure companies have these days to have their machinery constantly running, it is imperative than when an electrical component fails, there is a minimum downtime of their output.

This is why, we here at M-Tech Solutions believe that the quickest turn around time on sending out electrical spares is invaluable to our customers. For this reason alone, we try to stock as many electrical components on the shelf. So if need be, our customers can receive them as soon as possible, and get their machinery going again.

Just an example of some components we stock. We do everything from switches, relays, ignition switches, proximity sensors to ultrasonic level sensors, nodes, emergency stops and warning sirens and beacons to tracking handsets and multifunction enclosures.

Just call or email with your inquiry and we will be able to supply your needs.

Do you have any question? Feel free to contact.

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